Of primary concern for any responsible breeder, is the desire to create healthy, well-tempered dogs that will make excellent additions to any family. We believe American Pitfalls, Rottweilers and BoerBoels in particular are the ideal dog providing excellent intelligence, determined drive, and superior temperament making them perfect as the family pet, working dog, show dog, or any combination of these roles.

It is believed that between 10-30% of a dog’s predisposition toward certain behaviors is inherited. That means a large portion of behavior is learned! We are strong proponents of early socialization and positive reinforcement obedience training to enable our puppies and dogs to be well-adjusted, good-natured PowerBreed ¬†ambassadors. We strive to selectively powerbreeds that provide exceptional health and temperament to advance the breed. Dogs with known disease or conformation issues are not considered and associated blood lines are researched to minimize the chance of future health problems.

Every Power-breed pup is first and foremost a member of his/her family. Some owners may wish to one day show their dog and try to win National Best of Breed while others may just want a companion that will always be there for them. Regardless of which type of owner you are, we at Buy O Pup will do our best to conduct responsible research, make objective decisions regarding breeding, and provide and teach proper puppy socialization techniques to maximize the life of your furry friend.


who are we?

we are a company based in Kwa-zulu Natal that aims at providing the perfect family protective, well tempered Guard and security dogs.